Poem -

Attraction Of The Vanities

Attraction Of The Vanities

Banished are thee unbeloved
Who cease in battle, embattled to woe
Ravaged in the shadows of subservience
At mercy of a culture carved by the fallen elite
​​​​​​Superficially vying to caress the throne
Oppressed, the ineffectual starve 
At the feet of vultures, exempt from the cycle
Though incessantly cursed
By the afflictions of the animal and its desires
Those pangs of the beast
Who covets while it corrupts
And desolate be the ropes that sway
To provoke a bloodline's disseverment
For the orgasmic vile elegy of concupiscence
The rain upon the pyre

What cure could there be for loneliness
If the venture has lapsed, but you still exist
With no light generated for
No giver for the never loved
And yours is an unfledged rejection
Suspended in its own place and time
The floor is vacant and so too, the hand awaiting
An invitation to a bygone dance
Your love is lost before it's born
And yet born without conception
Live long and weep within, to hope forever still
For the sake of another chance

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Ian William

I thank you again, for your compliments.


All I can say is wow!  You write so very well. I've read this three times already and I will read again. I'm reading concupiscence as lust ...hope that's right

Tina x

Ian William

Thank you Tina, always grateful for your feedback.
​​​​​​Even to read it once, I would be glad, so thanks again.