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She is an angel
But on her wings
Are heavy chains

Daughter of light
Living in shadow
Where darkness reigns

She does not see
She can be free
From the iron reins

Even as she
Dreams of escape
The truth remains…

She is the love
She dares not seek
Shining so bright

She is the hope
She can not see
In this dark night

She is the strength
She deeply fears
Will bring to light

Her weaknesses
Her scars her wounds
Her hidden might…

But she does not believe.

A leap of faith
Is all she needs
To reignite

Her fiery strength
Her flaming soul
Of blinding light

To spread her wings
Radiant divine
A glorious sight

That she has lost
For far too long
Trapped by the night…

But not anymore.
And she lets go.

She lets go of the pain
That seems to possess
Lets go of the fear
That seems to oppress

She lets go of the hurt
Scarred unspoken
Lets go of her past
Marred and broken

And the chains
They fall down
From her wings

As her heart
Expands and
Her soul sings

The truth that
She is free
And she brings

The joy of
Blessed be

And she realises
The light has always won
She just had to believe...

And she awakens.

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Hello Edward Lin...

Welcome to Cosmo!

Beautiful and Awesome write!

Thank you for sharing...




Nicely written poetry angel