Poem -

"Before It's Too Late!"

"Before It's Too Late!"

"If you relapse,
don't give in,
let God be received again,
because those idols,
made by the devil,
will keep you on,
a lowered level,
and you can never,
go back and rewind,
but you can throw them out,
right now,
in time!

I don't want to got to another funeral,
of one of my friends,
who died tragically early,
from their unspoken sins.
Let someone know,
you're not okay.
If you have to reach out to me,
and I'll tell you my own story,
of that make believe state,
turned into a nightmare,
and made the worst version of me,
that it just festered and mutated,
my resentment and hate,
and how it was almost,
too late,
for me to reroute my path,
from that dead end one,
to now be on a course,
for Heaven's Gate.

Reach out to someone,
Claw your way out,
of your own hole,
to The Son,
oh blessed Jesus,
for you know deep inside,
you actually need this.

That spark of light,
that last ounce,
of your hope,
scream it loud to someone,
right now from your throat,
because right now,
you're on a boat,
leading to the darkest land,
and I fear,
when you reach that shore,
you won't have the will,
to fight anymore,
and I pray right now to Jesus,
no one ever again,
has that dreary fate,
because I don't wanna,
have to hold your cold hand,
in that coffin,
when it has become too late!"

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