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It matters not – but why –
Divinity is gleaming
In the essence of the mind
Substance enters dreaming

But when did iridescence dim
And summer’s sun fall over
I knew but not a single word
Could ever win her over

I came to see a smaller world
Far from calamity and wonder
And when it fell the noise was heard
From Leeds to over yonder

And why did everyone transpose
Simplicity and sage
Isn’t one the other in
A place where truth remains

He leaves the train – on station stands
The one who can assemble
Like broad umbrella saving all
From tears that burst and tremble

Befall a winter afternoon
With snow (a chill that alters)
One transforms from frail to firm
(Be not the one who falters)

Summer’s solstice sends her message strong
(The sun is surely gleaming)
In her heart and in her mind
There’s substance in believing

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