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My heart and my mind 
Were going separate ways for days 
I knew something was wrong 
The way you were smiling to yourself 
And humming to those silly love songs 

I thought it was all about me
But deep inside I knew 
That was just a fantasy 

I gave you your space and alone time 
But you had other things on your mind
You've played me like a fool 
Pulling out all the stops
And breaking all the rules 

As faith would have it
The weather had changed 
Like our love that was unhinged 

I came back to our haven of rest
To find a stranger in my bed
And you laying on his chest 

But there is nothing more to talk about 
I've brought a trusted friend with me
And he's about to open his mouth 

So stop your crying and save your plea 
Today you'll become permanent residents 
Of eternity....

Wilford Barker.

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Cherie Leigh

Ouch!  That has to be the hardest revelation to deal with!  Caught in the act, so to speak..and no denying the betrayal...Why does love have to be so complicated?  Sigh....Thanks for sharing.  xo ;)

Wilford Barker

O Cherie.. it hurts like heck..
Makes it so difficult to trust and love..
We always have to keep the 24 hour eye wide open even when our hearts are smiling..
Thanks as always my dear friend..


very nice.