Poem -

Candy Shop

Candy Shop

The choice was great, product superb,
Nothing unbarred, with but a word,
Freedom to choose, whichever one,
Of all varieties, two seemed real fun,
Little chocolates on a shelf,
Wrapped up just for me and myself,
To reach up and grab them, with such sweet ease,
And maybe to wait then, just for a tease,
Circle them carefully, trying my choice,
Second opinions, hearing a voice,
I got them down, and in two bags,
One of Wire, one of rags,
Kept on shopping, for ways unknown,
Candyfloss was discretely shown,
Delicate and thin, soft and sweet,
Stored above a better treat.
Taffy, twisted, around its core,
Spun so softly, but when finished, sore,
Soft and stretchy, doubly sweet,
Warm and gooey, couldn't be beat.
Satisfied I paid my due,
Why Take one when you could have two?
So I have both now, I'l happily stay,
To open the candystore and pick each day.

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Dmitri Rudder

The Ultimate complicated metaphor has been achieved, though I say I'm quite proud of this one. What is your Interpretation?

Cherie Leigh

Hi Dmitri....This must be a complicated metaphor because all I see is yummy chocolate choices, and I had to actually get up to get a chocolate bar while reading this because I am a chocoholic, and you triggered that need....lol..maybe this represents choices in life, like the kid in a candy store trying to make a difficult choice by temptations, and only able to pick one....could apply to many things in life...(like for a boy, maybe teenage girls!)  You will have to enlighten me on your metaphorical idea for this...All I know is it made me hungry for chocolate....lol  I enjoyed, D... xo ;)  

Sammar Fatima

This comment kind of reminds me of the poem "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. It's about choices. You should definitely check out his poetry, if you don't already know who he is. 
Awesome poem Dmitri. I love the rhyming that you used here. It makes the poem overall really enjoyable to read. 👍😊