Castles in the sky

Castles in the sky

I ran and ran and ran
to the castle in the air
I danced and danced and danced
beside my kite that flew up there

I stood upon the sun
and jumped on a cloud called 'nine'
and in a silent whisper
I was told that cloud was mine

I stayed up in the air
until tear-drops overcame
and with a sudden gust
the tear-drops turned to rain

But miracles, oh, miracles
I know that they come true
for where there should be rain
the sky above was blue

Suddenly I felt myself
floating - oh, so high
and my world became
the full, bright world
of castles in the sky.


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Cherie Leigh

What a very dreamy poem!  I want to go to that castle in the created some beautiful imagery. I am glad I caught your poem on Cosmo. I love it. xo ;) 

Owen James

Thanks Cherie, we leave for the castle in 5 minutes - pack your bags!
best wishes and safe travels,
Owen xx


Wonderfully penned angel

Owen James

Thanks Jill,
had fun writing it - amazed at the response
take care,
Owen x