Poem -

Chilli saga


Never ask for a kebab again
Cause now this will never end,
So skint no food or gas ,no hot water ffs.
Managed to get dosh for some nosh.
Oh the trantrum and foul mouth,
As they'd put to much chilli on your food,
Belittled berated banished to sleep on sofa tonight,
Chilli had burnt your gob off.

Now can anyone see how I'm to blame for this chilli saga game.
I never put it on so why am I in the wrong,
Just another excuse for itย 
to just come and pick on me,
Abused for some blinking chilli that's what I get,
This is something you will regret.
Hope when you need the loo
The chilli makes you follow through.
Stupid man get a life chilli is not all that hot,ย 
But ah well you had your shot
Lol is that all you've got.


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