Poem -

"Cleaning Out the Channels"

"Cleaning Out the Channels"

"In this Age of Recompense,
this journey inside has made me somewhat older,
and far less colder,
maybe even more bolder,
but what has it meant?
What does any of this mean to me?

I'm far less corrupt,
I can plainly see that,
I hope you can too,
for I am rigorously honest,
in all that I do,
but what of that torrent swept sea,
that makes me drown inside of me?

I believe it may have morphed,
into rivers,
that I can navigate through,
and dams have been constructed,
and only drops come out the other end,
as they come out, I reach out my hands,
I relive the memory of each and every sin,
so the regret, resentment, each sliver of pain can end,
then I transverse them back to the empty sea,
each drop makes me a cleaner me,
and eventually that ocean,
will be crystal clear,
made of hope and devotion,
and I will be completely glad,
I'm alive and still here!"

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