Poem -



Shattered by your collision
I touch the veil to remember
All that lay before your eyes
In times of innocence
A captive to the moment
Your smile, the light of ignorance
When never to see beyond
And beyond was never

Still I dream the path you walk
And your path, I follow
Across effervescent leaves
Reserved for me, by the depth of autumn
Where familiar air preserves your glow
And I can chase tomorrow
To feel you there, as your voice I hear
In the wind, it's calling

Once I awoke to heed your presence
Approach my haunted eyes
And as I arose, you were there
In the dark before the light
I spoke your name, as you appeared
To bring me to your side
But when I let go, to meet you there
You faded out of sight

The door unleashed an essence
Of a tranquil peace, I've never known
And not since then, have I sensed
Such warmth, emblaze my jaded soul
Betrayed, I felt at first
Although I'll see you once again
When time uplifts its dreaded curse
And despair is at its end

Forgetting, you're not here
I see your face, till it disappears from mine
As I behold the table, the vacant chair
In the waking misery of morning light
But when the rain falls fresh
Against my skin again
Then closer I will be, with the wind
That leads me to your side