Poem -

Come again

Come again

I cannot be the only one 
inside your heart
I cannot be the sole survivor 
the only one to share

Open those doors and show me
who else found their way in
and I will fight to fend off
a smell, a whiff, a sense, a gaze

Deny me what is mine
with sword I come again
ignore what lies affront of you
remember what was then

A moment that would last forever
a semblance of romance
a chance to dance the only dance
with hands entwined
and arms around

But can I reconcile
unrequited, I denounce
my life means nothing without you in it
my eyes be blind with loss of glint

Guillotine me if you will
meaning’s gone, a love betrayed
not one to waste time per se
I fight and fend, then go away 

Only to come another day
as denying love is no way forward
your eyes, your lips, they give away
a feeling you try to betray

For why, oh why, will you not say
I love you as I loved you then
I cannot be yours until you deem
those words be fair 
and come again.

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