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Confused With Women

Confused With Women

Alone with my thoughts at sea, i try to work things out,
It always leads me to a dark path, what's that all about,
I weigh up the pros and the cons, what is best way for myself,
Do I stick with family insanity, and put my feelings on a shelf.

When I do things at home, I do it for my daughter and you,
I help with the chores and cooking, so you don't have much to do,
But when you do things in general, it's not for me at all,
As long as you are happy, as long as you're having a ball.

Spontaneity is really fine, i can see there might be a thrill,
But spontaneity isn't my thing, it's those moments that i can kill,
To all of a sudden be intimate, without following a plan,
But you don't know what i have done earlier, i don't think that i can.

Surprise you with a dinner date, or drinks down at the pub,
Or go to a fancy restaurant, and get some upper class grub,
But with eight long months of no sex, i kind of lost all my desire,
Why should i organise this at all, because to begin with there is no fire.

We desperately need to work on things, or it's time to say goodbye,
I rather leave and be happier, i really don't want to die,
I'll miss my baby girl of course, and the questions she will ask,
A hard thing for her to go through, a sadness that will last.

I think that what would be worse, is to see us as always sad,
And see her disappointment, and we would feel quite bad,
She already sees me frustrated, and angry with some fumes,
She is still way to young, to understand we're in separate rooms.

It's really hard to know what you want, when i can't be close to you,
When i see you upset about stuff, i don't know what to do,
For fear of being too close, i try and give you some space,
Sometimes you want me near you, i cannot just read your face.


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There was a time in my marriage where I think we went about three months without any intimacy... Even to this day not much passion, but almost 18 years later, I'm still glad I hung around. He's a good man, does all the cooking and grocery shopping, and homework with the boys. Instead of looking at the negativesand being miserable, I tried to find the good things to focus on. I started treating him the way I wanted to be treated, even when he was a butt, but eventually he started treating me better. It's amazing what happens when LOVE covers sins. Pray for increase in love, and PATIENCE, and throw marriage counseling in there as well. That helps...

OK, I'm done. Lol! Just trying to help if I can. God bless! ❤

Glen Hill

Thankyou once again for your words of wisdom, we have done the marriage concillor thing, we seem to be going on separate journeys, it is a shame, i love her and always will, but i cant live with her anymore, i am too young to be miserable