Poem -

Creepy critters

Had a share of creepy . Skin crawled afterwards . Had a taste of stinky .Ā  Itchy worm critters formedĀ  after that . Been seriously kinky , opening the door for all the creepy critters who get off . Trawled internetĀ  rat race to select a r 18 . Crawled into bed with a vibratingĀ  machine. Creeped out , but turned on by the video taped . Creepy drug infused moans . Piece of meat that's what they are to the long , short , big and small . No control over bowlmotions from the stretching out . Young and beautiful a thrill bent over and out of shape . A supply of cheap thrills for a twat and a twot , and rock hard cock . Crossed leg's to siripsĀ  stranger and the gloves . Creepy professional with your lube , inserting and opening the duck . Bright lights on the pink . Is real life that different from porn . They say it's for your health . Even when giving birth and they cut up the openings to fit in instruments or fistsĀ  . Pieces of meat on the table , drugged up legally . Creepy cruelty .Ā 

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