Poem -



So damn precious
There’s literally no flaws
Gods greatest blessing 
You shine over all

You sparkle even in the dark
It leaves me hypnotized 
One natural piece of art 
Seductive to the eye

But your core is unbreakable 
Representing your strong independence 
Beauty so bait-able
That’s my reason for keeping you hidden

But you’re so much more
Beyond valuable
You keep me saying oh my Lawd 😩
Sometimes I’m doubtful 

Like are you really mine
Or am I a vegetable 
Sleeping away time
Suffering regretful

Like damn I’m highly favored 😩
All the bad I done
Things just get greater
He chose you as my one?

To keep you from crying
I will always do my part
I will never lose my diamond
I’ll always wear you in my heart

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Damisha Merchant

This Is Deep!! I Love This One It’s My Favorite Out Of Them All !!