Poem -

Dreaming Of Her

True Dreams

Dreaming Of Her

She's my dream at night
I'm forever dreaming of her,
I'm dreaming of love And Happiness forever together, 
I'm lost without her... Lost.....

Im dreaming of kissing her passionately Softly
Holding her tightly,
Loving her rightly,
Oh my heart beating for her
Touch me I'm in love....

She comes​ into my Dreams slowly and gently she brings 

A heart of Love....

I take her hands
She leads me to a new life
Forever Love and Happiness

My mind is filled with love,
My heart beats for her
Can my dreams come true!?
Can my dreams come true!?

I'll forever dream of been 
In love with you......

© 2020 David P Carroll...

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Cherie Leigh

What a beautiful dream, Dave...I hope your dreams come true...The world can be so ugly and portray anything but love, but you focus on what is truly powerful and worth pursuing to live in that place of euphoria... xo ;)