Poem -



Collided with myself today
Timeless victim of shackled play
Frolic not in fields of blue
For blushes belie bashfulness

Abandoned this, or thought I had
Blue bonnet blossoms over cornucopia
Beautiful bounty, ripe, revealed
Lavishly lapping at pleasure

Unparalleled, my appetites lust
Removing the lid to inhibitions
Drinking deeply, passions cure
Exposes seductress sleeping

Shackles fall, escape to explore
Expound in blissful nirvana
Bonnet rises in melting sun
Salacious expulsion, effusion

RRG © 9.16.19

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Cherie Leigh

Wow Rebecca!  This is really seductive in such a subtle but beautiful way....I never knew the effusion of flowers could be so erotic...lol  I know this was a metaphorical write, and it worked!  Great passionate write with original imagery.  I enjoyed. xo ;)

RRG (Rebecca)

:) A few years ago I had a gentleman friend tell me that when I wrote about flowers it made him think erotically. Writing about flowers has never been the same lol I'm constantly worrying it's too sexual in nature. I'm glad this worked thought. This was on purpose :) 
Blessings and hugs,