Poem -

Eternal Now

Eternal Now

Like a building block in life’s creation
I gesture for the train

it keeps on going – faster even
as it draws ever closer – then...


It’s gone – I stand in solace
what now but wait for time to pass

it seems like an eternity

I sit and think and sit... and sit –
dazed – I stare – my eyes won’t blink

is this my eternal now?
I leave the station and walk in wonder

I find a club – a jazz band singing
and order wine and stop to listen

they play my song – I sense a smile
from the brunette sitting at the bar

‘come here often’, she says on cue
‘my first time’ I reply – obtuse

blonde streaks within her mousy brown
her hair swishes – up then down

her body slinks – her hands look supple
she turns to look – her fingers coupled

she turns away and sits and waits
her dress pulled up – her legs crossed over

this is my eternal now
I manage a smile – I raise a brow

she winks and stands and walks away
as if on a lead I follow

this is my eternal now –
for us there will be no ‘tomorrow’