Poem -

Events of that Night

Events of that Night

I've been replaying
the events of that night
and the guilt
that remains chasing
I could never hide

You see,
the objective was clear
through the blur
of the tears
your touch subsided
all of my fears

as it stands now...
in the heat
ofĀ a moment
I let down
my guard

and now
into your face
hasĀ become
increasingly hard

This contention
sent waves
that left a haze
in theĀ place
where you
used to be

and like a tree
in an oasis
our love thrived
on the waters
of what was onceĀ 
but has since dried

Can we go back
to the night
of that act
that left us both
in a position
of intense

is there a way
to recreate
what we once
had at stake;
this love
that had
to be
of our fates?

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