Poem -



Deception was found in your beauty eyes 
The so called truth you told we're all lies 
And I bought it hook line and sinker 
Loving you was not only a mistake 
It was a disaster 

I trusted you with my heart 
You pledged your love to me 
You took an oath before God
Till death do us part 

I was there for you through thick and thin 
When the storms were raging 
I carried you on my back 
Knowing you could not swim 

To you I was like a maid
Making sure 
That all your bills were paid 
Being there for you in sickness 
Was the least I could do 
And whatever came your way 
I saw you through 

But your love was always a sham 
Even though you ate daily from my hand
Your desire was always to deceive my trust 
And as beautiful as you are
Your heart will forever be corrupted.

Wilford Barker.

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi  Wilford...What a sad one way love story...where one is felt to have been taken advantage of and deceived.....Very painful to read and feel that awful feeling...Divorce is so hard and never goes without scars....I am sorry.  xo Love n Hugs

Wilford Barker

Thanks Madam Encourager ..
Maybe one day I set my sights in a different direction..
Thanks Cherie..