Poem -

Fear holds us together as fast as it tears us apart.

Again I walk these streets in haste
Forever heedless of what lies in wait
Must I tread this stone again? 
Through such sad and lonely land
Underneath these skies of gloom
Ruled by life's unforgiving hand

And those who share this solemn night
Do they even care for our plight? 
Or do they insist on our dismay?
As they lead us headlong into cold, dark corners
Amid social dissaray 

Do they long to soothe our fears? 
Or will they not rest till they've claimed our tears? 
Can they conceive our consciousness? 
As the blood runs cold in tired old tombs of emptiness

This is a story so achingly old
But still I drag these sorry bones along the hopeless haggered roads
And struggle up this desperate climb
Between the fragile folds of time

And though we tremble in the dark of night
Till we gasp the last of the bitter air
We never desert our hearts
For fear holds us together as fast as it tears us apart