Poem -



There Is a dream I have on some nights,
when the world is far away, and only the moonlight presses in,
a dream I have had since the day I met her.
And, even without her, is my constant reminder.
We two, sitting underneath the stars in summer,
listening and waiting for the moment we know is coming.
Waiting and watching the skies, my hand in hers.
Until, ever so suddenly, the first bloom of color appears,
red and gold against the pale moon.
The roar reaching us moments later,
Her eyes shining in wonder as each is born into the world,
Her breath hitching with every color she sees.
I can only imagine what it is that fixes her to the spot,
eyes wide and staring, as the world explodes in fire,
as the skies illuminate with bright light.
I know why I am here, however.
As if to remind her, I squeeze her hand,
her fingers tighten around mine,
though her gaze does not drift.
With one hand, I turn her chin to face me,
So she can see what I am,
What I feel for her,
What we had together.
And, before I know it,
there are tears running down her face.
Not for grief or pain,
but rather that we must exist like this,
that we can no longer sit together,
that she must wait for night to fall before I can see her.
And, perhaps most of all,
that it is still her who must keep me sane.
I come to this place for her, for her alone.
Without her, the dream means nothing,
And she knows that, too.
I can only tell her how much I love her here.
Wordlessly, she leans forward,
our lips barely a breath between,
and I can hear her voice again, soft and whispering.
"You must let me go." But I cannot respond.
I remain silent as she pulls back,
and settles beside me, wrapping her arms tightly around.
"You must let me go, but I will be with you tonight." I smile.
"That is all I ever ask for." I hear her sigh and lean against me.
I know the dream cannot last forever,
but, while it does,
we both sit and watch the fireworks.
Weeping over a dream never to come true.


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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hey Dmitri....Nothing wrong with dreaming and remembering what were the best memories of someone you care about that you can no longer be with....She will always be a part of you this way.  I like that you are focusing on the positive of how she touched your life.  xo ;)