Poem -



Sound the trumpet blow the horn
My blood boils 
And my thoughts are of vengeance

You've asked 
And i have given you my best
But you have discarded my efforts
While trampling my faith and trust in you

Now my heart burns with uncontrollable rage
Like a hungry forest fire with its appetite enlarged 
And i desire you.. Only you
For no one else or nothing less will suffice 

Let the hammer of justice 
Fall on your heart of steel 
And though you cry and beg for mercy 
My compassion will turn its back on your cry
Just as you have done to my aching heart 

The mare thought of your deceit 
Causes the wind of fury 
To fan the blaze of my angers inferno 

And as long as the thought of you 
Occupies the smallest of my minds space 
This heart of mine will forever be
Flames of rage.

Wilford Barker.

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Wilford...Some people can really make your blood curl from the betrayals or hard things they have done to cause pain...I feel that same kind of gut wrenching fire in this write of the rage that burns from deceit.  Great imagery created with the flames of fire.  xo ;)

Wilford Barker

Cherie I can surely write of rage and deceit..
Almost as good as you write about love..
Lol. Well kinda!
Thanks my friend.