Poem -

Frozen Graves

Frozen Graves

The cabin has rotted,
My veins know
What my heart choses to ignore
That this airless winter
Will be my last.

The storm spins,
The world rips
Everything is scattered,
No light is surrendered,
The closest city is
130 miles away
Light is only radiating
From the deteriorating moon
And the melted stars.

The night doesn't end
Morning is just a continuation
The storm keeps spinning,
Life is barely visible.
The first breath of sun
Is the dawn of the predators,
All the starving beasts run
Tearing limb and skull,
Though I know, deep down
That eventually all the prey
Will be sucked dry
And I will be the only peice of meat,
Barely alive.

The wolves are the first,
They surround the cabin
The leader steps forward
Confident and Curious
He growls and stares into my eyes,
I saw the fire which will never end,
I saw the apocalypse in it's eyes,
I ran inside,
They stood their ground.

I search for the pistol,
I jumbled the bullets
I felt for a moment
That they were tormenting me
I looked out,
The leader, mockingly
I ran to the back and saw a circle quickly enclosing the cabin,
The doors were being smashed in,
I looked and saw a pack of wolves
Smashing the oak doors,
I heard one of them collapse and then the other two collapsed with it.
I watched as they rushed towards me,
I felt the electricity of the blizzard,
I looked at the snow, falling with only seconds in between each speck,
I watched as my blood painted the blankets of snow.