Poem -

"Get Up and Live!"

"Get Up and Live!"

"I am worthy,
of continuing my story!
I pray it is not in vain,
but in pursuing God's Glory.

I know this is but a bump,
in my road,
and that I've been carrying so much weight,
such an awfully heavy load,
of self pity,
and self hate,
but I'm trying not to sleep all these days left away.

Struggling to find God's Light,
amidst the grey-washed haze,
because my mind,
is such a treacherous maze.
I try to find a way out of its darkened corridors,
but it seems,
I've been lost for days,
but I'm never giving up,
God's walking with me herein,
and He's not giving up,
so I shouldn't then!"

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