Poem -

Going without sigarets, alcohol and weed

You are not someone
You are a thing
A terrible thing
You change reality
You changed everything for me
I like to blame you for all my shit
Please tho, give me another hit
I want to forget, leave, escape
Go to another place,
Where you can't get to me...
Because I don't want to stay with you for eternity
But am I willing to face and see,
The hurt and pain that makes me run to thee.
Or is it you, that makes it seem so scary...
I am in your control
Longing to be free
With the desire to become the best version of me.
Can you please, let me go?
You can't, I know.
It's something I need to do.
It will be the worst of goodbyes.
Without you, I will cry.
Without you, I will have pride.


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