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Richard Waters

" ON GOLDEN POND " depicts the passionate responses to relationship, and life itself, free of constraint, beyond the " family vehicle " !! The usual formula is abandoned to make a statement with a sincerity of a bygone age. You, feel the atmosphere laden with the pain and anguish, as well as the " GENUINE LOVE " born of experience and companionship within the legacy of blood bonds.
In the hope, and the fear, you find truth.
THE TRUTH AND THE LIGHT SHINES HERE. Plain as the " wrinkles on your face " or the movement of those " hands of time " !! You, live it...rather than see it. You, feel it.....rather than assess it. You, love it.....rather than explain it. :) LIFE IS HERE.
When you give, you get. The heart of the matter concerns matters of the heart. As is clear, here, for all to " judge " !! What, is better, than, that ?
Take all you can from this film, and its closeness. I take all I can from this work...because of an acceptance of the " BIG PICTURE. " The films existence enriches....life, and US.