Poem -

Good bye hate

He doesn’t know how he can be better 
Letter mans got his better friends cold on the shoulders feel like a blizzard . 
I can show up so  many times and it didn’t even matter. so don’t be confused with the red in my faces shows  that I’m hot and I’m bothered

He can fit in 
show up
 prove that he’s harder, badder,tense 
but at the end of the day his energy’s spent 
Cause we scraping the bottom of the barrel like the homeless men. 
Tell me why are we here pretending 
Everyone say they can be a friend then 
When things get tougher on the scales balanced between heaven and hell they fall off, fall apart and fall just before the Demi god
These niggas pressed for time 
Playing to many games but you can’t press rewind there  ain’t no respawn nigga 
 The acceptance of a second class citizen 

Shit we gonna have to reconfigure the game tired of loosing gotta start switching lanes cause this shits improper to many haters in my head but that ain’t gone stop me so stop it got to push forward so the hate in his heart niggas gonna have to drop it
Let it go....., put it in a box in the back of your  head and lock it.  🙏🏾🕉

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Tony Taylor

Hello DOMINIQUIC!! (interesting spelling?)...... hope I got that right!!......I could feel the rhythmic flow to this...... it could easily be a song because it is metered like one...... with a fine sense of timing within the phrasing and an honesty in the lyrical content that comes across powerfully!!.......ALL STARS!!.... well done dear poet brother!!...... and......WELCOME to COSMO!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!.........T xo.  : )

Dominiquic Moss

I really appreciate the love thank you. I definitely had a rhythm in my head when writing it for sure so definitely.