Poem -

proper intro

Funny I didn’t introduce myself or what I’m about

you guys don’t know me 
so I don’t a expect a sugar coat just grab a coat ,stay out the cold , sit,listen and try to grow. 
pushing the envelope to see what’s possible 
dancing around every obstacle 
proving I’m mored than unstoppable
I’m undefeated 
pushing my selfie to the limit but never depleted 
grabbing for everything on the table they say I’m greedy  
but I’m hungry  and it’s time to eat. 
so back to work I clock in and let the shift begin
another day another dollar is what they all say my friend. 
when times wasted 
“you ain’t shit kid face it “
nahh you can’t listen to that I know it’s hard out here when your surrounded by rats 
wanna be savages 
2019 land of the freaks and scandalous 
mass ideas of equality it’s miraculous 
the people are ready  for change. 
they tired of bullets and pain 
so let this sit in the brain 

it’s up to you me and society 
we gotta grow up instead of down 
clothes mouths don’t get fed 
and laying around shit might as well be dead.  
I’m tired of being a contrubtor to the pain in the world 
I wanna wake up and be happylike my little girl 
the way she smiles is amazing I hope she can keep it. one job as a man to her and that’s don’t be a reason 
she destined for some pain shit we all are but you don’t  have to be one of her demon. 
be a refuge 
be her shelter 
when she hurt all over the place be her center 

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