Poem -



Out of the moon
came a minnow misguided
minutiae distinct as a
creviced crustaceanĀ 

from the pond
jumped the sunlight
bristling boldly

as the frog
watched alone
his tongue reaching
for flies

nature, so sweet ā€“
a droplet ā€“ she cried
(an unusual kind
of intel design)

throughout ā€“ from
the window
the night scripted

as the pillow deflated
by sweethearts
caught sharing

a whistle blows ā€“
disturbance unwanted
shut down by a kiss
singing sonnets
in silence

in the backyard
the frog munched
on a worm

inside the
kitten has
eyes meant for

nature nurtures ā€“
he lies awake yawning

goodnight ā€“ lay me down
see you all
in the morning

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