Poem -



Ashlyn Brena Rashirai


I have watched the sunset..
With the thoughts about my fate
Without love what will i get?
Wanting her Is hard to forget
Loving her is hard to Regret 
Losing her is hard to accept 
But even with all the hurt I've felt, 
Letting go is the most painful yet.

They say forgive and forget.
But how do i forget someone in my heart,
Someone who was once my light.
Someone who once brought only delight.
Someone who was close to my sight.
Wanting her is really hard to forget

How do i forget someoe who was once my pride.
Someone who was always by my side.
Someone i thought was destined to be my bride.
Someone i was open to, with nothing to hide.
I can only forget her when i have died.

Even though i am feeling the pain
My feelings for her i won't restrain.
 I still find it hard for me to refrain.
It is hard to forget, my thoughts about her i will sustain.
My love for her i will maintain
even there is nothing i will get in return.

@pies_negros _=>11 JUNE 22:15_

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