Poem -

Has Become

Has Become

She’d always been good at pretending,
And it seemed at most times that this was for the  best.
Then no one would see how her life had become so devastating,
And how her mind  was completely messed.  

No tears of sadness did she ever weep,
For they were hers, and hers alone, to keep.
Her feelings she did not ever share
With people, she said, that did not care.

Her reasons for this were undeniable,
As it made each day that much more bearable.
No explanation was ever needed to anyone,
When everyone believed that she was strong,
And nobody would ever ask her what was wrong.

Now you know her story,
and it’s plain to see,
That, for her, this is how it will always be,
For this is what her life has become. 

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Terry Kay

Renee,. I like this write.  Self reflection is the beginning of change.  Thanks for sharing.  Love, Terry Kay