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They call me homicide 
Weather night or day 
From me you cannot hide 
I can be in two places at the same time 
North, south, east or the west side 

Like the air you breathe 
I am among you unseen 
Until my true nature is revealed 
Then your breath I seize 
And from your body life is emptied 

Jealousy is a reflection of me
Harbor those thoughts 
And the one you loved
Spends eternity with me 

Greed is the expression of my soul 
With the uncontrollable desire to possess things 
Without respect of persons 
I'll swallow you whole 

I can go undetected for years 
My true motives hidden behind tears 
My trails of death and destruction 
At times becomes cold
But in the clutches of my hands 
Lies many innocent souls 

I am formed and fashioned 
In the hearts of men 
Love, hate, anger or a kiss
Are all weapons used to accomplish 
My means to an end

I am homicide lurking everywhere 
I refuse to sleep 
As long as the human heart is evil
My rampage shall prevail.

Wilford Barker.

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Pratibha Savani

Wow what a poem on this topic. Amazing writing and verses x

Cherie Leigh

Hi Wilford. Homicide comes from very vulnerable souls who have let evil into their hearts and once that happens, the conscious gives over its morality and allows evil to prevail.  Very ominous feel to this...where there is no stopping the cycle.  Well done. xo ;)