Poem -

Humbly Intrepid Jedi Leader

Humbly Intrepid Jedi Leader

I aver, an auspicious dark shadow(s) will zoom
as if birthed, sans starry eyed nebulous debris
across infinite fantastic space/time catacomb
constituting whirled wide web ringing Gaia's in utero
fallopian youtube from out cosmic podcast womb

closing gap 'twixt outer limits galactic blob
(traveling at hair reed greased lightspeed varoom
ming before twilight zone) as death spurt humanity
descends into black hole sun, sans linkedin kickstarting
permanent grim outlook, a buyer's market vudu boom

adrip oozing quasi ICE C, one trumpeting coxcomb
oblivious, asper whatsapp pining at edge of night,
whereby majority, viz remaining earthlings doth roam
tentatively ensconced in their "FAKE" Taj Mahal tomb,
awaiting rescue attempting, while lined against mushroom

supernova like explosion, each body just another brick
in human wall, where bribery paid to Johnny on the spot
if need arises to use gender neutral unisex restroom
unaware, while remains of day regarding third rock
from sun help at doggone woof lee warp speed loom

ming thru strung out dimensions, on par as (empire)
in final ejaculating decadent bacchanalian, foredoom,
when afar off (countless light years away), gloom
me salvation will soon be visited upon tattered tribes
prints in shining armoire constitutes developing

picture postcard poem, despite global darkroom
just like in the comix, an unassuming lgbtq migrant
rescues bedraggled human league more like village
people comprising bad company,
war ring MAGA Zion will resume!


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Edward Williams

You real have a gift for words myfriend 
nice wright