Poem -

I am the one who is true

When surrounded by your people
Those who are truly awake
Only then do you appreciate 
Those who harm you
Are the fakes 

When their bitterness becomes them
they know not how to love
Don’t inhale their toxic poison
Ground yourself and rise above 

They can bully 
They can blame 
They can taunt 
They can shame

But in the end when all is said and done
They only play a game
The truth is what we live and breathe
This is why they hate us so
Because they have not yet awoken
To the truth, to what we know

So I’ll not be beaten down
I’ll not hang my head in shame
I’ll not believe their vicious digs 
I’ll light that golden flame

I’ll keep sending out my white light
I’ll send out gold light too
Because when all is said and done
I am the one who is true


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Being Me

There is such strength in this poem!