Poem -

I should've stayed

We have both had our ups and downs and over 7 years there has been some frowns. We were okay but a messed up. And I didn't give a flying ****. 
I should of held on tight and not let go, and I think it's about time I let you know, that even though the years have gone by, I still want you by my side. 

I think it's now time I let you in, and unbottle those feeling that I've been hiding. I'll open up just for you and tell you the things that are true. I love you unconditionally and you're never second best, youre always for me unlike the rest. 
You're my everything and even more, I just hope I'm what you're looking for.

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Leslie Siegel

My brother in law wrote a book called "I Should Have Stayed In Morocco" and your title reminded me of his book, although your poem is about you and a mate, and his was about becoming a jail inmate after some Ponzi scheme he was involved in came to light. Great poem. Thanks.