Poem -


I’m not allowed to cry,
I’m not allowed to mope.
I have to joke while you stand by,
I must be happy and have hope.

You say that I am careless,
My so-called friends,
My pain is endless,
But I have to pretend.

I am the jester,
I have to make you laugh.
Even when I’m crushed by pressure,
the only thing I can do on my behalf.

It masks my true feelings,
but it’s for the best.
My heart starts bleeding,
but always left unexpressed.


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Silent Dreamer

This is so relatable to me.. the deeper the pain the bigger the smile and louder chatter.. to cover it up. Brilliant write👏🏽

Yilin Han

To be honest, this poem is based on one of my best friends. He usually acts happy and bright, but when he thought no one was there, he started crying. He begged me to not tell anyone or else they will leave him. So I wrote this poem, he did say yes to me posting the poem and the comment so I did it with his consent.