Poem -

"Just for Today!"

"Just for Today!"

"When's the last time,
you constantly maintained,
your focus clearly on reality,
without the malady,
the effects subjugated,
by the affliction,
that is god awful addiction?

Can you right now,
safely say,
you'll never want to go away,
from what God,
sets before your very eyes,
every tear,
every lie,
every goodbye,
every surprise,
every sunrise,
every laugh?

I honestly can't yet,
but I'm trying,
because I'm not denying,
that I'm still an addict,
maybe that's why,
we just do it for today,
because that we can manage,
if we pray,
and follow what God will say,
then we can make it,
and everything will be okay.

So today I choose,
not to use,
all the drugs,
I used to abuse,
and instead I'll try to help,
until there is nothing left,
of me,
because I believe,
when I selflessly give and love,
that's when I am set free."

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Terry Kay

Robert, .Another gifted write.  You are really good!  Congrats on staying clean.  God bless... Terry Kay