Poem -

King Thranduil of Mirkwood

King Thranduil of Mirkwood

Into the depth of the Mirkwood forests. 
The ancient and majestic trees so thick no sun can shine
Eerie is the muffled sounds as footfall on pine needles
is the only sound I hear save my heart.
I am in a dream within a dream within a fantasy
I am traveling to the kingdom of my lost family.
to the elvish land of Mirkwood where the King of elves resides.
His majesty King Thranduil himself.. what with his Sindar good 
;looks and spiritual melancholia.. with his hard hearted façade
and his shockingly sensual nature.
The mists of morning had left and a few brave insects 
had stated after me.
But too late I a sindarian elf myself, had shed my cloak
the garment of concealment.. and was free
Free to run and leap and climb trees and sing the old songs..
I could feel the scent of the land itself fill my veins with their 
own drug.. the call to my nature the call to my flesh.. 
I  stopped to catch my breath and had rested in a sky 
touching old tree.. 
Surveying the area and allowing the afternoon wind from the 
sea to blow new life into me.. new life into every iiving thing around me
I was home.. I was truly home..after a lifetime of being hidden and 
protected from slaughter.. I was really her
and I was on fire.. oh yeah .. I was on fire.. 
At that moment I caught sight of the banners of 
middle earth.. the elvish lines of prominence. 
Establishing their sovereignty and right to rule. 
All of a sudden I heard a voice.. one that sent a river of chills
down my back ..
the slightest blurring of the air In front of me.. and he was there.. In front of me..
OLd  mr blue blood himself.. Thranduil.. he was quite a sight to be sure..
Magnificent in his way  with the silken garments of royalty and the colors of 
the forest.. such a blend.. he was amazing..
Long silver hair braided at the sides and crowned with the silver diadem of silverian.
his eyes were sparkling ice blue and twinkled with amusement at this time
that old so and so.. I thought..
"My lady"  "
'My Lady Leorelle?'
'What brings you to this forest?'
"What brings you to me?"

My voioe died in my throat. and it could not give birth to any sound.
My heart felt as if it would pump out of my chest. and take my 
wind with it.
Finally I managed to croak out.. a feeble some kind of disgusting
sack of lies even I felt incredulous at what I was hearing.
He dismissed my attempt at explanation as poor story telling. 
I became incensed and female.
IT grew dark and still we remained in the same spots we had found 
ourselves in earlier. 
My Lord Thranduil where is Lord Legolas?  I have oome to tell him of
Gladrielle and her news
The name brought color to his face and It suited him.. damn it everything
suited him.. why the abiding arrogance of the elf.. 
He made me want to slap him and then kiss him and then .. well whatever'
came next … and stay with him a lifetime.. 
and another lifetime...
and another......


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