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Once upon a time, we went to the fair,
the rides, the flashing lights, the sounds of music,
all swirling endlessly around us, together.
We held hands after we lost the other one,
a +1 who'd been the original invitée,
But had found an excuse to leave us alone.
Not that we were complaining as night fell.
She pulled me towards the carousel,
Her eyes shining with longing,
And I gladly let her drag me.
For wherever she was,
I would gladly be.
Her smile was the brightest as she whirled around,
Her eyes lit up as she saw the world spin,
her drunken laugh as she stumbled off, and into my arms.
I couldn't help but laugh with her,
even as she scowled in the opposite direction,
We rode everything that night, trying everything.
She was like a firework beside me,
running off and bursting out every time she found something new.
Usually she was quieter and reserved, but, with me,
she could be herself, and That was what I loved about her.
She was always excited, always moving, always thinking.
She knew everything she wanted in life,
and I couldn't have been happier to be included in that list.
We were meant for each other, I knew,
No one understood me the way she did,
no one loved me as unfalteringly as she had.
My favorite memory that night,
before we were forced to leave as dawn broke,
up in the ferris wheel, she had leaned against me,
enjoying the sunrise.
I could've never said myself happier,
never been more at home,
then when she closed her eyes,
Tucked her head over my heart,
and said to me.
"I want to see the sun rise with you, every day".
My heart knew long before my mind caught up.
She, my one and only.
I would gladly wake up with her next to me every day,
I would gladly wake her up every morning,
so we could watch the sunrise every time.
I would do anything for that to come true.
But even wishing cannot bring back the dead.

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Cherie Leigh

These kind of memories will last forever....Hold them close.  If only wishes could always come true.....I understand.  xo ;)