Poem -

Lost Eternity

Lost Eternity

Not so long ago
In some lost eternity
With some other you and me
You changed my reality

The air around me
Was suddenly so clean and sweet
Everywhere I went
The ground rose up to meet my feet

Hot summer days
Were memories in the making
Cold winter nights
Were ment for bonding and baking

Stormy weather was just a score
Behind every movement and kiss
A powerful accompaniment
To our passionate mutual bliss

The grass found itself
A more fashionable green
The trees seemed more content
With the new way they'd learned to lean

The birds gave praise
And sang out their admeration
With every syllable you sang to me
As they increased in population

But now, alas
That time has past

Darkness moves in so fast
When the sun has shown its last

And my world is now overcast
And I can not live in the past

The grass looks wilted and crushed
By the muddy feet of the walking dead
The trees seem to be reaching down
Longing to burrow under the forest bed

The wind is sharp as a razor's edge
And sits heavy in my chest
The heat is just unbearable
The snow is just a pest

I shuffle along because I must
I endure each moment of the day
But the magic is gone, faided away
And without you this world is pale and gray

No more do I smell honeysuckles
And watch the squirrels play
Now I see them sneer and bite
And the flowers all smell of decay

I'll get up and go when I must
I know I can not stay
But for now just leave me here
A breathing corps in the grave where I lay

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Tony Taylor

Wow TWILLA!!....this is a VERY powerful write....you caught me off guard with this......the change-up from the happy lines to the truly 'down times' was dramatic and moving!!......especially if you don't see it coming!!.......I guess I should have paid more attention to the title itself........regardless, an excellent poem dealing with the loss of someone close to you and the onset of depression, despair, and the weight of heartbreak!!........ALL STARS!!....extremely well written dear poet sister!!.......PINNED!!......VERY compelling!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤😡

Twilla Carpenter

I swear, Toney, I think your comments move me more than my poems could move anyone. Thank You!