Poem -



She stumbled through the door 
At seven PM, exhausted and tired 
Beaten by the days toil 

Sprawled across the living room couch 
She exhaled with a sigh of relief 
Thank God it's over 
She whispered with a fainted breath 

Too tired to remove her shoes from her feet 
And overcome with exhaustion 
Weariness gave way to sleep 

And in an instant, her consciousness 
Of her surroundings 
Also fell asleep as she slumbered 
Dead to the world 

In deep sleep 
She was handcuffed by a lucid dream
In which she saw a storm coming 
And a timid plant was exposed 
To the brutality of the wind

With all that she possessed 
She tried to save that little plant
Struggling against the winds vengeance 

But the vehement storm
Could not be outwitted 
By her love and compassion 
As she was swept away 
Clutching that tender plant in her hands.

Wilford Barker.

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