Poem -


mark storey


you wrote on facebook
its got worse; spread all
around only weeks to live.
your words so strong
you've been brave all along.
Fought this battle so far
cant believe you'll be gone soon,
don't know what to say

always in my mind and say prayers for my school mate.
35 years of knowing you
I proud to say I love you
you listened to me and

told me straight that's why,
its so hard your the only
man been honest too.
I'm gonna really miss you,
dreading to go on faacebook don't want to see you've gone, but you are still here but nor so strong.
cancer is a vile disease
cruel and u forgiving
I wish o could take your place,
so you'd have more Time with your daughters and wife.
so my poem is a way to say that we will meet again one day,
Thankyou for being a friend to me, your so loved by us all.
look out to the moon at night blessed you will be
young for eternity.
may your energy go in peace.
tell you what when you have time just gimme a sign.

you will never be forgot not one bit I pray you don't suffer to much more, but for now dearmark I will always pray andgod bless you always mate.blessings love and light sleep well sweetheart

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Hello Mel...

This a very beautiful dedication!

I haven't decided what makes me more mad the disease itself or people who profit and prosper because of it...

Thank you for sharing...




Mel Notae

Thankyou your words mean a lot x