Poem -

Maybe in Another Life

Some say looks can deceive. 
Well maybe they were right.
I wear a smile just to hide the pain.
Behind these tired eyes though. 
My mind's not thinking straight. 
It's been a lonely walk. 
Down an old dirt road. 
Along the lines it seems I've lost my way. 
But if it's not too late then maybe I can still be saved.

You know I tried turning back. 
My steps were all retraced. 
But in my ways I'm stuck. 
I can not change. 
Holding hands with the devil. 
Walking in the shoes of my mistakes.
And every road I take. 
Seems to end the same. 
I missed the signs reading they were one way. 
But if it's not to late then maybe I can still be saved.

They say you just have to keep moving on. 
This too shall pass if you can just stay strong.
You know that it is easier said than done.
So maybe in another life I'll keep moving on.


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