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I'm aware of myΒ multidimensionality,
I choose what stays in my reality,
And again I choose what comes andΒ  goes,
That which no longer serves me, I leave to flow.
A pain for example, I search for its origin,
And to do that, I allow whatΒ comes from within,
Pain served me once, now that I can see,
But it no longer belongs to the present me.
I do not need to hide behind disability,
For I am aware of my multidimensionality.
I laugh a little for I'm now free,
My mind shifts to a place I'd rather be.
Starved of attention, no damage is done,
Change is a constant so forwards I run.
There is no place for judgement nor for fear,
It is to my higher self that I now adhere.
I see the potential in all that I do,
I have faith in myself and my creations new.
I am aware of my multidimensionality,
And I am secure in my excellency.
I know what I am, I am in control,
Appreciation bubbles up from the depths of my soul.

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Goode Benjamin

Quite interesting and very well expressed. I really like the thought you put into this one. Very intellectual :)

Suzanne Atherton

This represents my constant thoughts and search for inner peace.Β 
Thanks for your comment Β xx