Poem -

My last regret until I die💔

My last regret until I die💔

If we only said what we really should
Alas yesterday is passed 
It is gone for good
Too late for I love you’s
My last regret until I die
I didn’t know you were leaving me
Now I am left alone to cry

There shall be no more tomorrow’s
With you by my side
My sorrow is unbearable
I runaway & hide
Away from reality
I miss you already so much
The little things you used to say
Oh how I long for your touch

But you won’t be coming back again
Heaven is where you are
You have joined the choir of angels
Yet another shining star
You didn’t give me any warning
I hadn’t a clue yesterday
That God would lead you on your journey
To the promise land far away


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hi how are you. .. Let me tell you something.... Lost someone is hard I know. ... I like the way you said is really painful and sad. .  But I appreciate it.... Feel the pen is more powerful the words.. Take care... Hugs and kisses .. 

Silvylove ^-^

A Lonely Journey

What an amazingly sad, beautiful poem. 
Broke my heart. 

Jill Tait

Aww didn’t wanna break your heart 💔thank you💙