Poem -

My own battle

I felt so upset so I wrote this

My own battle

Some nights I feel like everyone’s against me
although I try my best it’s never enough
its come to the point where I just want to give up
i just want someone to tell me it’s all ok
and there’s a reason for me to live another day
im the person who makes sure everyone’s ok
but no one ever asks me
im the person who stays strong 
although it’s killing me

when will the day come where I can break down all my walls
and Confess that I’m not okay at all

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Icarus Flocke

I'm sorry you feel like this. But it's
beautifully expressed.

In life we have to pick and choose
are battles, but I think personally that
the only time we truly lose is when
we forget what we are fighting for.
when it's a battle against self, we can
only raise the white flag and surrender
to our Higher Self, which is the part
in you that rages on in spite the darkness
and chaos in life.

well written piece ma'am.