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My vows to you

My vows to you

Many of my dreams came true,
on the day that I met you.
for once in my life I tend to smile,
holding you right here for a while.

Unlike others in my life,
I can be someone who treats you right.
I will love you for all your worth,
and will always put you first.

when you are with me you’ll get my all,
I’ll be your safety net when you fall,
I can be your guiding light in the dark,
and be the beating to your heart.

When you cry i’ll wipe your tears, 
I’ll be the antidote to you fears,
be the ripple of sound in the silence,
and never display an ounce of violence.

I can be the armour to your shield,
understand every way you feel,
take your pain and toss it away,
and at your worst I’m here to stay.


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