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Nature vs Nurture. Winner? Me.

Nature vs Nurture. Winner? Me.

No one came to protect me
As a vulnerable child alone
No one came to save me
When terror became my home

No one stopped to help
No one cared to reach down
To lift the clearly stricken waif
Off the cold hard ground

No hero was ever coming to save me
No plans for justice were laid
No safety was ever offered
Except for the safety I made

Maybe I haven't come far
But you cannot see where I began
It's been such a long journey
My souls are worn so thin

I haven't got much to show
Hardly a thing to my name
But I rescued myself
Over and over again

To talk yourself off the ledge
When you feel like no one else cares
To offer love and kindness to others
When few had ever given you any of theirs

I dismissed nature and nurture
And decided that I would control who I'd be
Maybe I didn't create a masterpiece
But I'm still damn proud to be me

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Ian William

A powerful strength of soul flows through this wonderful piece!

Twilla Carpenter

Thank You, Ian. I was a bit worried that it started out sounding bitter or complaining. I intended the first few lines to sound like simple statements of fact without condemnation.

Ian William

It comes across as painful honesty and the perfect opening for what follows.


Brilliant Twilla. I love the way this piece flows and story it tells. Great write. I'll have to read more of your work. It's not often I get spare time.Β 

Thanks for sharingΒ  - SydΒ 

Twilla Carpenter

No worries, Syd! I tend to vanish from this site as well as social media, only visibly active under the shops name(because that's work) for weeks sometimes. I just get busy and unsocial, but at least it means you dont need to feel bad if you haven't been around lol.