Poem -


Negativity is like a disease  that spreads  to the close ones around you, you do not want it to be apart of you but sometimes you can not control  that side.  It overtakes the positive side of you people are used to seeing, the ones close to become sad seeing the person they love in that way.  However, the negative  person does not want to be like this, it consumes them and becomes the norm for them. They can not help be negative  about the things around them but the hate that it drives the people they love away from them. Deep down they do not want to be in the negative state they are in, they do  want to change but the factors around them pull them down from doing that. They want to be content and free from this negative  side of them. It is not the real individuals, they are more than that. They want the people around them, see for them for who they are and not the way they have been lately.  The hardest thing is for them individuals around you is to give up on you. You can change, do not ever think you can not or for them to believe you can not. 

Anyone can get away from this mindset, just focus on you and do things that make you happy. Put yourself first because  it is not a bad thing.

These things can take there time, just be patient and content


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