Poem -

Never letting go

Never letting go

I will never let go 
But the clouds just grow 
Fear in the eyes 
Deep as the soul 
Sound of agonising cries 
When it rains it pours 
The Pains of life
Show all your flaws
Wounds of a knife

No time to pray 
When you loose hope 
Nothing left to say
Alone you must cope 

No matter what
Don’t let the devil win
Be great full for what you got
Put on your brave grin 

Inside your breaking
More then you know 
Trembling and shaking 
The feeling you won’t show

Is there really a God 
Or Is life just a dream
Some one give him a prod
Coz I’m running out of steam

You take away the good 
Leave us with the bad 
I don’t you how you could
You make this world mad 

Everything happens for a reason 
This I do not believe 
To me it feels like treason 
No ability to grieve   

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